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Read what Gloria’s clients have to say about their reiki experience.

“Just wanted to thank you for last weekend’s class! I feel like a different person. I can only recall one other time in my adult life where I’ve felt like I was living totally in the present. Some of the concerns I had suddenly don’t feel so important anymore, which feels great.”

Danielle, Rochester, IL

“Thank you for the help with my back, it has felt tremendously better. Usually in the morning and evening before/after sleeping, I have to stretch the muscles so they don’t hurt. Have not had to do that the last couple days. That has not happened for 10 years!!!!”

Rich, Taylorville, IL

“I no longer take on clients who are not open to receiving Reiki or massage therapy in conjunction with my counseling. I’ve found that adding Reiki or massage helps to bring about emotional release and healing, dramatically cutting down on the time a client needs to see me.”

psychologist, St. Louis, MO

“I received my first Reiki treatment from a friend the day before I attended Gloria’s Reiki I class. Prior to the treatment, I suffered from HIV-related arthritis and was on heavy-duty pain medication. The joints in my hands were very swollen and I had recently purchased a cane. During the treatment, I felt all the pain in my body leave through my feet. Once attuned to Reiki, I began giving myself a daily treatment and exchanging treatments with my partner and a friend. Two weeks after the class, I was still pain-free, the swelling was gone in my knuckles, and I was walking a mile a day without my cane. Two years have now passed and I am still pain-free.”

Michael, Springfield, IL

“My four year old cat, Bubba, was diagnosed with kidney failure. Blood work showed his toxin level was three times the normal. After two days at the vet with no change in his condition, I was told there was no more they could do. I took him home to begin a low protein diet and deliver fluid (IV) treatments three times a day. I contacted Gloria and she came and began administering Reiki to Bubba and then attuned me to Reiki so I could continue the treatments. A week later, I took Bubba back to the vet to have another blood test done. Not only had his toxin levels returned to normal, but the test showed no damage to his liver which typically occurs when toxins are flushed from the kidneys. The vet was dumbfounded. Sixteen months later, Bubba is a healthy and happy cat. He has had no relapse.”

Nora, St. Louis, MO